• 2006 Lexus IS350

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  • Jun 2021
    Amazing vehicle, safe and stylish but also economical
    —Debra A - 2006 Lexus IS 350
  • May 2021
    Great car for the money. If you are looking for a fast car that isn't a death trap, is reliable, and has many luxury features and good handling for it's weight and size, add it to your short list. Tank is about $110 to fill up on 95 at the time of review. It can be as good as 6.6 L / 100kms motorway cruising, and as bad as 15 L / 100kms + in city traffic with cold starts and short drives. Suspension feels very good - mind you it isn't "comfortable" with the stiff sport suspension (if you want that, get a GS350 instead) but makes the handling of the car enjoyable. Brakes are fantastic, and can stop the car very quickly despite it being almost 2 tones. If you are looking at a Jap import, best get the stereo converted to English for around $400. If you are worried about the engine making loud ticking sounds, don't worry - that's just the direct injection.
    —Ryan C - 2006 Lexus IS 350 Ver. L
  • Mar 2021
    Nice strong and sturdy car with heaps of power .win win
    —Karlene W - 2006 Lexus IS350
  • Mar 2021
    Great vechicle, fast but practical and very fun to drive.
    —Ryan J - 2006 Lexus IS 350 Ver. L
  • Feb 2021
    The car runs great has amazing technology for its age and low kms great to know it only has had one owner in NZ and is a stylish looking car with a lot off power for a Stoke motor I couldn’t be happier 😊
    —Axel C - 2006 Lexus IS350
  • Nov 2020
    Nice car, purchased for a good price.
    —TWUMASI A - 2006 Lexus IS350
  • Jul 2019
    The IS350 is the best family on the market with European style luxury and Toyota reliability, has amazing power and handling
    —Simon I - 2006 Lexus IS350
  • Jul 2019
    Very happy with the car
    —Gene T - 2006 Lexus IS350
  • Jun 2019
    It's a Lexus!
    —Alexander L - 2006 Lexus IS 350 Version L
  • Jul 2018
    Mercedes smooth, Toyota quality, very fast. Dashboard has a few creaks and groans (typical of this model) but nothing the stereo doesn't hide. Was surprised given the radar cruise control - which is excellent - that it doesn't apply brake to keep speed down as well as up - but it's a 2006 so early technology I guess.
    —David A - 2006 Lexus IS350 Version L 'Leather Package'
  • Feb 2018
    I think it rides Well, the DUO Aircon was a Great Feature for Me as I prefer it a little cooler... For this Year/Make/Model and only 80+k k's on the Clock this is a Must Buy...
    —Joseph M - 2006 Lexus IS350 3.5L S
  • Oct 2017
    Powerful luxury sedan!
    —Ye F - 2006 Lexus IS350 Version L/Leather Seats
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